How to look after your body when you work for London escorts?

Looking after your body is one of the challenges when you work for London escorts of When I first joined an escort agency in London, I really struggled with this one. I was not used to working shifts at all, and when I got off the night shift, I just felt that I wanted to sleep. A couple of the girls at the agency had warned me about that, but I must admit that I was not prepared for the effects of pulling a lot of nights at the escort agency.

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The first thing I noticed was that my skin started to change. I never used to be very pale, but all of a sudden, I started to look pale. It was not me at all, and I did not think that it was one of those things that I wanted to fix with make up or a face cream. Before I had joined London escorts, I had spent a lot of time outside in the fresh air, and I knew that was what my body was missing straight away. It had to be dealt and I started to walk instead of taking the Underground everywhere.

On top of that I noticed that I was feeling tired. My diet had changed a lot since I started to do the night shift at London escorts. I seemed to be eating more junk food than before and it was not doing a lot for me. In all honesty, I did not have the time to cook, and that was not good at all. I felt hungry all of the time, and I think that was one of the biggest problem. In the end, I invested in some healthy ready made meals and that seemed to work for me.

I did lose some of my fitness and was forced to join a gym. It was something that I could fit in around London escorts and I used to go to the gym before I went on duty. That gave me a quick energy boost and it felt that I was ready to go when I started my shift. I also started to keep healthy snacks handy and it helped a lot. When I first started to do nights, I let my energy levels drop too low and that was what made me feel kind of poorly.

Now I feel that I am into a routine. So many of the new girls here at the London escorts that I escort for, complain about the same thing. I know that it is not easy but you have to be pretty disciplined when you work for a London escort service. It can be hard work for your body and you need to appreciate that you are not going to be dating if you burn out. I am sure that this is one of the reasons so many girls only stay escorting for a couple of years. It is such a unique lifestyle and it is hard to make sure that it works around the rest of your life.

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