Im Seen As A Sex Idol

My boyfriend sees me as some sort of sex idol, and I am pretty sure it is because of my role at London escorts. The first time I told him that I worked for London escorts, I could see his eyes light up. He never seemed to take in the fact that I am not an actual escort, I work on the reception and set up dates for the girls. I swear there are times when I think that he only dates me because of my job. He always introduces me as his girlfriend, but then he always says that I work for London escorts. At times it is actually a bit cringe worthy.

Most of the time I am pretty relaxed about my role with London escorts. Guys don’t really have problem with it, but I think that many girls do. I do explain that my role is all about administration, but they still think that I escort for a living. If, I did escort for a living, it would not be such a big deal. Most of the London escorts that I know seem to have a pretty good time, and I have this funny feeling that I would enjoy the job as well. But, it would mean working nights, and I am not always so good at that.

I know the London escort pretty well, and they are sexy goddesses. The thing is that most of my friends seem to think that I am sort of sex idol as well. I don’t actually see myself as really sexy but I do think that I am a bit more good looking than other girls. A lot of that has to do with that London escort is a relaxed place to work. In most offices you have to worry about how you look, but we don’t do that at London escorts. I often wear jeans with a relaxed off the shoulder jumper. My boss says it really suits me, and makes me look sexy.

Most of my friends work in regular offices. I used to do that before I joined London escort, but I am not so sure that I could handle that now. My attitude towards work has changed a great deal. That does not mean that I don’t take my role with London escorts seriously because I do, but it means that I have ditched all of the bitchiness. We all get on with each other in our office, and we have a good laugh. That is more important than anything.

My parents know that I work for a London escort service. At first they were a bit shocked but they are more relaxed now they know more about my job. My dad thinks it is kind of funny, and my mom just keeps saying “ My Goodness” a lot. Really, it is just a job that pays well, and I get the chance to meet some nice people at the same time. I love my job, and I totally adore the people that I work with at London escorts.

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